Zelensky to Russians: Avoiding mobilization or surrender is better than dying in Ukraine - Ukraine news, Politics

Zelensky to Russians: Avoiding mobilization or surrender is better than dying in Ukraine – Ukraine news, Politics

In the evening address, the President Vladimir Zelensky “addressed the Russians in Russian” and explained how their humble consent to the announcement by the Russian dictator could end Vladimir Putin mobilization.

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The President said that “the criminal mobilization announced by Russia was not accidentally immediately called by the citizens of Russia themselves a “grave”.

“The Russian authorities are well aware that they are sending their citizens to their deaths – there are no other options. Russian commanders do not care about Russian lives – they just need to fill in the empty places after the dead, wounded, escaped or captured Russian soldiers. Who will fill these places, your power I don’t care. Even if it’s young IT specialists who didn’t serve at all, even if they are pensioners who served only in the Soviet army. Therefore, now is a key moment for all of you, the time when it is decided whether your life will end, “Zelensky said.

He stated that “not taking a summons is better than dying on a foreign land as a war criminal. Running away from this criminal mobilization is better than being crippled and then answering before the court for participating in an aggressive war. Surrendering to Ukrainian captivity is better than dying under blows.” of our weapons, under our absolutely just blows, because Ukraine is defending itself in this war.”

“We are defending the brightest – we are defending our lives, our children, our freedom. And what is Russia fighting for? Every citizen of Russia knows – and even if many do not recognize this, but they know for sure – that it is Russia that brings evil,” he said. he.

The President recalled that Ukraine guarantees every Russian soldier who surrenders three things.

“First, you will be treated in a civilized manner, in accordance with all conventions. Second, no one will know the circumstances of how you surrendered, no one in Russia will know that your surrender was voluntary. And third: if you are afraid come back to Russia and don’t want an exchange yourself, we’ll find a way to provide that too.”

“Ukraine will do everything for its victory. And every citizen of Russia must understand: no tricks will help the occupier,” Zelensky said in conclusion.

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