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President Vladimir Zelensky visited 13 combat brigades in the Donbass and Zaporozhye direction and has already returned to Kyiv. Head of State in video message announced the supply and production of weapons, as well as decisions and events important for Ukraine.

“Together with generals Syrsky, Tarnavsky, Sodol. We talked with brigade commanders, with battalion commanders. We awarded our soldiers. By the way, guys, we’ll add all the chevrons here – this is our new board for chevrons. Let every guest of Ukraine with whom I speak in office, sees how proud Ukraine is of its people!” – Zelensky said.

The President thanked Ukrainian combat medics and doctors.

β€œWe take great pride in our soldiers who, after being wounded, return to their positions with their brothers,” he noted.

All requests from Ukrainian soldiers will be addressed to senior generals, officials and international affairs officials, Zelensky noted.

The President announced new arms supplies and the production of Ukrainian weapons: β€œWe have identified several priority positions with the soldiers. What needs to be done. Let’s do it!”

Zelensky said that tomorrow there will be important events and decisions for Ukraine.

β€œI thank everyone who fights and works for our state!” – he summed up.

  • Zelensky visited the combat brigades conducting offensive operations in the Bakhmut direction, presented them with awards and learned about the problems of Ukrainian units with support.
  • The President again visited the combat brigades at the front. He talked with fighters from eight brigades in the Donetsk direction and published a video.
  • Zelensky signed a law on changing the administrative-territorial structure of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

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