Zelensky: We must remember that Russia is still capable of bringing evil, we must fight | News of Ukraine


President Vladimir Zelensky reported meetings with the law enforcement sector, the Secretary of Defense and other officials. Russia is still capable of bringing evil, Ukrainians must fight and take care of defense as a top priority, he said in his evening video message.

The President noted today’s meeting with representatives of the law enforcement sector, which, in particular, was attended by the head of the Security Service of Ukraine Vasyl Malyuk.

“[Глава СБУ] reported on countering collaborators and protecting Ukrainians from those who deliberately incite discord within our country,” Zelensky noted.

He also announced a meeting with the Minister of Defense Rustem Umerov and other officials.

Zelensky noted that all key issues come down to ensuring the protection of people, Ukraine’s ability to conduct offensive operations and the ability to strengthen the state – “to overcome accumulated problems.”

“We must remember everyone in Ukraine, and especially those who have stopped noticing the war, because they give all their attention to politics: Russia is still capable of bringing evil. No one will be able to close their eyes. We must fight. We must take care of our defense as the main thing priority. And we must give our state more strength every day,” the president concluded.

  • The President again rejected the assertion that there is now a supposed stalemate at the front: he said that a stalemate would happen if the conflict froze, because it would be the same war, but without the ability to respond to the enemy.
  • Zelensky noted that Ukraine has begun to produce analogues of Western weapons, but this takes time, and without supplies from partners, “everything becomes more complicated.”
  • The President said that the Ukrainian delegation is working with international partners during its visit to the United States – “preparing for next year.”

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