Zelenskyy proposes to hold Ukraine-African Union summit, ready to come to any African country


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, during a conversation with African journalists, proposed holding a Ukraine-African Union summit and stated that he was ready to come to any African country for this purpose.

According to the head of state, Ukraine is interested in a strategic partnership with the states of the African continent, and such a partnership should be based on mutual respect for territorial integrity, sovereignty, language and traditions.

“This should be on a cultural plane, and on an economic plane, and in respect between people. Without violating your and our rights, without affecting your and our freedom. We respect any state that respects us,” he said.

As the next step in the development of strategic cooperation, Zelenskyy announced his readiness to come to any state on the African continent.

“I don’t have any priorities here [in relation to this or that African state]. I believe that if we can organize where we can meet, so that I have maximum contact with the maximum number of leaders, the maximum number of communities, I believe that it will be better this way. And I would like to have the opportunity to hold such a meeting Ukraine-African Union or Ukraine – countries of the African continent,” the president said.

“I’ll tell you honestly: frankly, I don’t care what the format is called. The main goal is for us all to do the maximum to achieve stability in the world, and to achieve peace on the territory of our state. And to ask the question not only in Russia, but about this war and by completing this war, put in place any aggressor with any colonial ambitions for the future,” he said.

As he noted, “this is also very important for the future, because such things, such outbreaks and such wars can happen anywhere.”

Fuente: interfax.com.ua


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