Zelenskyy sees risks of reducing support for Ukraine, danger of world war


President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy sees risks of a decrease in the level of support amid the war in Israel and changes in leadership in a number of European countries, but considers these risks not only for Ukraine.

“Because if we don’t help Ukraine, the war won’t end, we won’t have power, Russia will return to destroy all of Ukraine and move on. And then there will be the countries of the European Union and NATO,” he said on Wednesday at a press conference in Brussels after negotiations with the Prime Minister of Belgium.

“I think that what is happening in the world is not accidental. Today they are interested in seeing that assistance to Ukraine decreases and they do different things, even tragic ones, even on other continents, in other parts of the world, so that attention to Ukraine and assistance for Ukraine are reduced,” Zelenskyy said.

“After this terrorist attack, Israel had every right to defense and to take anti-terrorism actions. I just want to tell you that the world needs to prevent a full-scale war. This could be the beginning of a big war, a big tragedy,” Zelenskyy said.

According to him, “the world is in a situation where a world war could break out on any continent. And therefore, my assessment of the current situation is that leaders can, thanks not to weapons, but to politics, stop a possible global war.”

“The cheapest option for everyone is to stop Russia here, end the war here, get them out of our territory. Then, I am sure, there will be no big war both in Europe and throughout the world,” Zelenskyy emphasized.

At the same time, Zelenskyy added that in response to a question about a possible reduction in assistance “during a period of challenges in the United States, when elections are looming, the partners said ‘no.'”

“Who actually knows how this will happen? Nobody knows, in my opinion. We’re counting on our direct, strong relationship with both the United States and with President Biden, we’re counting on bipartisan support, we’re certainly counting on our friends in the European Union,” he said.

Fuente: interfax.com.ua


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