ZN.UA journalists in the investigation announced new facts of corruption in the Ministry of Defense


About this it is said in the ZN.UA investigation.

Journalists of the publication claim that it is a big scam. According to their data, in the fall of 2022, the Ministry of Defense signed a contract with the Turkish company Vector avia hava yukleteri for the supply of winter clothing at a quite reasonable price – $86 per jacket (for comparison, another supplier, from Bulgaria, visa for the Ministry of Defense from China jackets for $95 ).

However, according to the authors of the study, winter jackets were not actually sent from Turkey.

“According to our data, the average weight of the Chinese jackets was two kilograms. And the Turkish one – 1.1 kg. This is very similar to the difference between a summer jacket and a winter warm jacket,” the investigation stated.

ZN.UA demonstrated a package of accompanying documents for one of the consignments of goods from Vector avia. As can be seen in the documents, the total cost of 4,900 jackets was first listed as $142,000, and then $421,000. The jackets themselves were first listed as “camouflage” and later as “winter windproof”, respectively, the price for them increased from $29 to $86 per piece. As the journalists point out, the margin remained with the Turkish company Vector avia hava yukleteri, which is owned by the Ukrainian Roman Pletnev from Zaporizhzhia.

The court register contains data on criminal proceedings regarding these clothes. Kyiv Research Institute of Forensic Expertise establishedthat “windproof winter jackets and windproof winter pants delivered under contract No. VV2022-M1908 cannot be used for their intended purpose.” And winter clothes, which went to Ukraine under a different contract â„–VV2022- Ðœ1708, crossed the border in Moldova with documents worth 27,500 dollars. per party, and the border in Ukraine — already for 367,500 dollars. Moreover, ZN.UA journalists discovered that the jackets are from this batch sell on OLX.

As indicated in the investigation, the Ministry of Defense also bought helmets for soldiers at high cost. Journalists claim that the department ordered and paid for the product, which according to the documents was listed as US-made PASGT helmets with NIJ IIIA protection level. In fact, these were helmets with a lower level of protection NIJ 2. At the same time, how reported publication “Our Money”, last year the Ministry of Defense had contracts for these helmets, including at the price of 348 and 468 dollars. Meanwhile, the ministry itself and its state-owned enterprise Spetstechnoexport imported helmets at prices ranging from $132 to $293. per unit

The journalists also published a copy of the contract for the purchase of dry rations in the spring of 2022. According to their data, the Ministry of Defense ordered one million vegetarian dry rations from Turkey for UAH 430 million from the Kyiv firm “Tanos Technologies” LLC. In the initial version, there was a food heater in the dry food, but then it disappeared, instead, chicken pate was included in the dry food.

According to the journalists’ calculations, together chicken pate, cookies, coffee in sticks and disposable dishes, which were added to the ration, cost 248 hryvnias – more expensive than in stores.

ZN.UA also writes that SBU investigators got access to dry rations brought by Thanos Technologies. They turned out to be packed in cardboard boxes with the inscription “Recover, Ukraine. We believe in the healing power of love and support” with the Legurme logo. This brand belongs to the Yayla company, under which it sells a certain part of its products. In the spring of 2022, Turkish products appeared in Ukraine as charitable aid. For example, the Red Cross distributed such products in Khmelnytskyi. In May 2022, the Loziv community in Kharkiv region received “help from the president” with Yayla brand products. Also, the charitable foundation “Step with Hope” provided people with Legurme brand products.

  • On August 9, the SBU exposed an official from the Ministry of Defense, who is suspected of embezzling UAH 16 million

Fuente: espreso.tv


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