ZRK Patriot - Zhdanov spoke about the urgent transfer of complexes, video — UNIAN

ZRK Patriot – Zhdanov spoke about the urgent transfer of complexes, video — UNIAN

Russia is fighting outside the norm, the expert said.

Ukraine should be given Patriot systems, Zhdanov said / Illustration by REUTERS

Ukraine needs Patriot anti-missile defense (ABD) systems to protect critical infrastructure facilities from Russian attacks.

About this told military expert Oleg Zhdanov.

“The Russian Federation is breaking the patterns of warfare. All air defense systems of countries are built according to the principle of compliance with the norms and rules of warfare… And Putin did the opposite, he focused on civilian objects that are protected by the general air defense system (and not the defense system of individual objects – UNIAN), – he noted. – We have long said that our war will completely rewrite textbooks, starting from textbooks on tactics, ending with textbooks on military art.”

As Zhdanov added, Russia fights outside the norm, and now everyone needs to rebuild their air defense and missile defense systems.

The expert added that the USA is discussing the transfer of Patriot systems to Ukraine:

“In the future, they should still be given, no matter how much they want. Because the S-300 air defense systems are not eternal, and we do not have an infinite number of missiles either… Emphasis should be placed on tactical systems that will cover critical infrastructure objects “.

Patriot anti-missile systems

The Patriot anti-aircraft missile system (SAMS) was created to provide anti-missile defense at the level of the US Army.

This complex is considered a universal means of anti-missile defense at medium and high altitudes.

Deliveries of Patriot complexes to the troops began in December 1981.

It is known that the cost of 9 batteries of Patriot systems can reach up to 9 billion dollars.

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